Book Cover


A Biography

Author: Charles Higham
Pages: Hardcover 184 pages, 32 pages of B&W photos
Publisher: Macmillan Pub Co
Year Published: 1984
ISBN: 0450060691
Language: English

Despite her exquisite and elfin appearance, Audrey Hepburn had always been driven by a fierce determination. She fought an uphill battle in the ruthless world of show business until her big break - when she won the title role of Gigi on Broadway. Her career soared, and she emerged as a brilliant and luminous actress who delighted the world in the many movies which followed.

In the magical and illusory world of Hollywood, she epitomised ethereal grace and elegance, but behind the Givenchy gowns and glamorous image she was a woman courted by tragedy. She longed for children and when she finally did have two sons, she lived in constant terror that they would be kidnapped. The facts about her romances as well as her life with Robert Wolders in her final days are revealed in this portrait of a star.