Book Cover

Her Real Story

Author: Alexander Walker
Pages: Paperback 465 pages, 32 pages of B&W photos
Publisher: Orion Mass Market Paperback
Year Published: 1995
ISBN: 1857973526
Language: English

Few stars are as loved as Audrey Hepburn, today as much as ever. Beautiful, delicate, graceful - but always warm and natural - she stole our hearts. She was also brave, working tirelessly for UNICEF in the face of her own failing health. in this moving and heart-warming biography Alexander Walker traces the extraordinary combination of luck and talent that allowed a fragile little girl, who nearly died in Hitler's occupied Europe, to conquer, in just one year, the New York stage and the Hollywood screen. Walker analyses her ascent to power and world fame and reveals the sadness of her life: two failed marriages, a broken engagement, and the crushing disappointment that occupied her triumph in My Fair Lady. Most importantly of all, this biography reveals what no one has known until now: the truly terrifying family secret that tore Audrey's childhood apart and kept her forever silent about her parents.